Team Building Activities

Our teambonding activities are designed to be modular in nature. You can mix and match any combination of our 1/2 day modules to make 1/2 day, 1 or 2 day programs. Our programs are designed around F.I.S.H strategy: Fun, Innovative, Superb and Happy. Contact us for a discussion on how these modules can be combined uniquely for your organization.

Program Objectives:

Nurture Situational Leadership, Everyone has an equally important role to play, Promote out of the box thinking, Improve Conflict Management skills, Promote Resource Allocation, Negotiation skills

Concept of teambuilding:

Inspired by the world-famous Pike Fish Market in the US. It is based on the concept of an indoor, fun, experiential live simulation of a fish market. Participants will be in teams of 4-5 where they elect their CEO, CFO, CTO, etc and everyone will have a leadership position and learn how to buy, market, sell their fishes as a team. The team that makes the most money wins!  Competitive at the beginning, teams will realize that the ONLY way to win the Fish Market will be to Work together as ONE  company with all the other teams. This is not a game of luck but a game that emphasizes the values of teamwork.

Our Team Challenge program is inspired by world-famous reality tv shows. It is based on the concept of an exciting, fun, experiential experience of teams searching for locations and performing team challenges at the game stations. It is best conducted after lunch as it engages participants with unique and non-physical activity.


Participants will be in teams of 8-12 where they receive their clue packs with photo hunts, game stations, crossword puzzles. The team that scores the most points wins!  Teams will be scored NOT on speed but on how they complete their Team Challenges together as one.

Program Objectives:

Develop stronger Teamwork, Everyone has an equally important role to play, Enhance better Communication, Promote Creativity, Develop closer relationships, Align Core Values


Concept of Teambuilding:

Our Kite program is based on the concept of an outdoor, fun and yet non physical activity which brings together participants across all ages. Participants will be in teams of 3-5 where they will design, storytell and fly kites starting from 1m kites and progressively build up to a 8m long kite which requires them to work with other teams.  Together as one, they fly their goals high up in the sky. A unique teambuilding activity that is outdoors, yet non physical and bonds participants regardless of age.

Program Objectives:

Enhance better Communication, Promote Creativity, Develop Resiliency, Improve Conflict Management skills, Develop closer relationships between Team members, Building self-confidence

Concept of Teambuilding:

A crowd favourite at big scale events and retreats, this activity is designed around the world-renowned BoomWhackers™ Harmonic Tubes. Moulded from high-quality plastic, these colourful tubes can be coordinated into your favourite tune or a new piece completely. Combined with percussion items, we create an Orchestra@Work! A memorable experience guaranteed. No experience in music needed!

Program Objectives:

Promote Innovation, Understand Other's personality, Taking Ownership, Develop resource budgeting, Discover Colleagues' Taste Preferences.

Concept of Teambuilding:

Just like personality, everyone is unique and have different taste profiles. Find out what are the 5 tastes and how they interact. Discover your unique taste profile and create a personalized custom blended sauce with a special label and taste that is distinctly yours!

Program Objectives:

Getting to know one another better, Develop stronger Teamwork, Nurture Situational Leadership, Everyone has an equally important role to play, Promote Creativity

Concept of Teambuilding:

Teambuilding through food! Our BBQ Chef program brings people together for the love of food and cooking it. Teams go through challenges to get/prepare/cook the food together and have a feast together right after! Learning outcomes include communication, teamwork, leadership and resource allocation!


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