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Team Building Retreats

Getting away from the work environment has its benefits. It rejuvenates the mind and allows for closer human interactions which translates to better positivity at work.

From work plan management retreats to whole-company offsite getaways, we have facilitated it.

Facilitating Retreats

We facilitate retreat sessions.

We can work with any travel agency u prefer to handle the logistics of the program.

Doing so ensures our facilitators are well rested and top notch, ready to conduct your program.

3 Reasons why you need a facilitator?

1) We bring your team to new depths of discussion with new insights and uncover blind spots


2) We put everyone on level playing field without need for the leader to lead.

Step back and be fully present


3) We help to alleviate the problems of retreat planning and safeguard against potential pitfalls.

7 Things we do as a Facilitator

1) We listen well without judging


2) We introduce new learning tools and techniques


3) We stay neutral about disagreements and decisions


4) We take corrective action when the group is stuck


5) We encourage participation from all members


6) We guide the group to address problem behaviors


7) We keep the retreat interesting and well-paced

Contact us to to get a proposal and quote on our facilitator rates 

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