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Team Building Programs

We specialize in providing 3 categories of team building:

1) Psychometric Profiling Tools licensed from USA

2) Team building Activities ranging from 1/2 day to 1 day

3) Organizing corporate off-site retreats locally or overseas

Pyschometric Profiling Tools

Providing a scientific approach to team building, we are the accredited partner to conduct these top psychometric profiling tools, licensed from overseas. These tools provide answers to the following questions:

1) Who are you?

2) What are you good at

3) What are you motivated by?

4) What are the behaviors of a cohesive team?

Team Building Programs
Team Building Activities

Providing a full array of team building options, we offer fun, creative, meaningful and though-provoking activities. It can be indoors or outdoors, conducted at any venue, locally or overseas and the best of all, you get to customize it to your unique organizational needs. 

Corporate Off Site Retreats

We provide facilitators to help make your programs a success. From workplan sessions with management to whole company off-site bonding retreats, we have done it all. Working with professionals, you make the most out of your company time and budget committed.

Countries we have been to include: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Bhutan, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, Kenya. The world is at your fingertips

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