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Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL)

“My impression of My School of Fish is that you guys have been proactive, patient and helpful to us throughout our engagement with you. I really appreciated all the efforts taken to prepare for this workshop in such a short turnaround time. Activities were very innovative and I am glad that my colleagues learned something about themselves and others through the program. More importantly I could see that they had a great time from all the laughter and it wouldn’t have been possible without your energetic facilitation. We will be happy to recommend your services to our colleagues and partners when the opportunity arises. Thanks once again for a job well done!”

Zachary Aw Yongjun (MR)

Manager, Research and Innovation Division
Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL)


“Our team really enjoyed the activities that organised by ‘My School of Fish.’  We had a superb good time and liked the kite design and kite flying activities the most.  It brought back good childhood memories.  And for those who’d never fly a kite before, they had the opportunity to get a hands-on experience on that day. This is a wonderful and responsible ‘Fish’ team who takes care of all the needs of customers from day-one of contact to the completion of the event.  All the administrative hassles were also well taken care of down from program itinerary, to transport, to food and the gathering of staff feedback, and provide management statistics/reporting. The customer service was excellent, and the trainers were all very patience, fun, and had very good experience in managing such events. I want to thank Shawn, Ken, and all the trainers of that day who had done their best to give us a memorable playful event. Oh, I must also give a separate sincere thank you to Shawn and Ken for your quick response and patience to answer all my constant questions. Thank you again!!"

Pamela (MS)

Manager, Finance


Supreme Court of Singapore

“Hi Ken, thank you for the wonderful job that you did at our corporate retreat. You brought your expertise and experience to the table but also listened to what we were looking for and were flexible in the actual execution. The team running the event was extremely enthusiastic and easy to work with. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and also learned the invaluable message of working as a team. Gillian, thank you, you have been extremely helpful and it was a pleasure to have partnered with your company. We look forward to partnering with you and your team again in the future.”

Tang Tuan Huat (MR)
Senior Assistant Director (HR), Corporate Services Directorate
Supreme Court of Singapore

Knowledge Universe

"Firstly, let me say THANK YOU! for everything.  It was really a good retreat and everything went on beautifully.  The game (Fish Exchange) was really the talk of the town for most of us.  hehe... in fact some of us were still talking about possible strategies to the 'game' the next day!  Haha... Really, really... great work in coming up with that game. The time on the Yacht was excellent!  The weather was truly kind to us that day.  Everything about that day was heavenly.  I am really glad we went ahead with that plan. I will pass your contact with our colleague in KL.  She was with us throughout the 2 days... I am sure she would contact you once she has settled the dates/time etc of their event. I really appreciate everything you and your team have done.  We all had a really good time."


Christina Teh (MS)


Knowledge Universe

Adnovum Singapore Pte Ltd

“Recently we had our Team Building event on Jyohana yacht. The team building activities was hosted by Shawn. We would like to compliment Shawn for his great work in entertaining us and make the event a successful one. Prior to the event, Shawn has sent me a reminder and I think that is a good start to break the ice. The activities that Shawn has suggested to us were MSOF cards Ice breakers done on board the yacht, Kite designing and Kite flying. The ice breaker was awesome as we had so much fun and laughter. Initially, I thot the kite designing would not get a good response from my team as they are mainly Software Engineers!

To my surprise, we received much positive feedback and overwhelming response! We were so challenged with the idea and put all our efforts to put up a GOOD KITE! Thru this, we saw many new sides of the people and their creativity that we never knew of. The kite flying was definitely a fun sport. Again we saw some leadership quality from some people that were very quiet in the office…the rest just joined in the fun trying to fly the kite very high! Shawn was very interactive and friendly throughout the event. His approachable attitude makes us feel relaxed and be ourselves. Trust me, we were like a bunch of kids!! Shawn was also very safety conscious throughout the event. Always keep a lookout on us and reminding us to be careful. If we have another team building, we will definitely contact my school of fish! Keep up the good job!!”


Linda (Ms)

Adnovum Singapore Pte Ltd

Science Centre Singapore

MSOF was appointed to conduct the two-day corporate innovation program for Science Centre Singapore. There were 5 runs comprising of 160 staff. As this was a customized program, Ken and his team made the effort to design the program based on the client's needs and requirements and refine the program based on our feedback. Overall the program was enjoyable and well-conducted. There was good support in logistical arrangements and value-added services including program evaluation, consolidation of ideas and solutions generated. The overall evaluation of the program by ourstaff was good and I look forward to future opportunities to work with you."

Wendy Cheong

Director of Human Resources

Science Centre Singapore

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